Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Last night we had our first thunderstorm of the year, And was it impressive. With it, came a little rain. Just enough rain to shut down the seeding. It came in fast, from the east, and within 10 minutes of rain, the to the field i was working on was nigh onto impassible with an SUV.  Maybe 15 minutes later  it reached the west field where Peter and Karen were working with the new-to-us seeder. We did get about 200 acres closer to being done this week, and with two units going, it should only be a few more days till we're done for the season. The wheat is all in, only canola and barley left.
The dogs certainly wanted to be close to a human during the storm. These farm dogs suddenly thought they were lap dogs. So sweet though.
It must be spring - we have found kittens. One kitten wandered away from the security of her litter and got caught where her mother couldn't help, so her mom came to the next best source of help - humans. Once we got her baby out of the tough spot, she was anxious to retrieve her though. This mother "looses" about one or two kittens each year in the same spot. You'd really think she'd find another nest, but it is safe from us unless they fall down the wall.

The other litter i came upon as i was looking for lumber. This one had five, and all darkish in color and the mother was very upset and hissing when i took her babies to show the rest of the family. And shortly after i took them back and put them nicely into their nest, she had found another nest for them.  This year it doesn't look like we'll have any tame ones, and the only way i'll get close is if they think i am a dog! The day is coming along, and today we are going for a breakfast meeting so have a great day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 diary

it has been 3 weeks since i posted, sorry about that. In the meantime, Spring has definitely arrived. We finished working the fields once, and have the wheat seeded. The canola is next, and we have 146 acres of the 1400 done. Today, we woke to a fine mist, and by evening we had 1 and a half inches! Awesome. Now i hear the birds singing, so it must have tapered off a bit. Mom and i went to Fahler to pick up shanks for the air drill, then met Cathy for lunch at a little roadside cafe. Spent the afternoon making cards...such fun! Tonight we braved the rain and messy roads to go to a neighbor's yard sale. Found a few planters - just in time for planting flowers. The garden is tilled, so will put some flowers in there, and plan on moving my strawberry patch from the west end to the east end. It's been a very busy three weeks, but we have gotten a lot done. So thanks again for visiting

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st..diary continued

Yesterday we went to Grande Prairie via Rycroft and Spirit River, leaving Mom's vehicle in Spirit River for an oil change and having lunch at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Groceries was our big purchase .. getting some at both Costco and Safeway. Originally Mom had said she was staying home, but deciding at the last minute to join us. We filled the coolers and tool box, then stopped at Pizza Hut for supper. While in town, we were told Mom's Envoy was ready for pick up, so we went back home via Spirit River.  Peter's continued home to unload groceries, and Mom asked if i would stop at our dearest friends, Bill & Mildred to let them know we were home. Of course, we couldn't leave before having tea. Awesome visit!
We were just coming up Birch Hills before our place when i had to stop to let a moose cross the road.  Let's not rush, we might stumble! Then about half a mile further, we stopped because a brown bear (black in color, actually) was sitting in our path. Eventually he moved off, but only into the ditch where he sat down to look at us! Probably only about a year old. Cuddlier looking than feeling, i think. Have a great night, and thanks for joining me!

diary - May 1st 2012

It doesn't really seem that long since i posted, but i guess numbers don't lie! Mom and i left Phoenix on the 7:30 evening plane and arrived in Edmonton at 11:30. The flight was good, the trip into the airport with John and Sheri better, and seeing Karen entering the airport lobby just as we picked up our luggage was the best! They loaded our bags (and us) and off to the motel where we were next to the exit door (not far to walk) with a Jacuzzi and a queen bed. Mom and i were too tired to try out the tub, and we slept well. We lazed around abit in the morning, leaving Nisku/Leduc around 11:00 after a hearty brunch at White Spot. Peters' needed to get something at Cabella's, and i went in to look around while Mom stayed on the Envoy. The trip home was good, too, except for the fact that the northbound traffic was stopped for about half an hour on Tower Hill. Although we don't know what happened, we saw a fifth wheel RV with road rash being pulled by a tow truck, and a little later a pick up that looked worse for the wear loaded on a flatbed. With all the traffic on the road, i'm surprised that's all we saw!
We met Mom's sister and her 'new' husband for supper on the way, and had an enjoyable visit and meal. So good get home. The dogs welcomed us royally.

Will continue, so it doesn't get so long.