Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mine is the Night by Liz Curtic Higgs

Product Description

Stepping from a battered coach on a rainy April eve, newly widowed Elisabeth Kerr must begin again, without husband or title, property or fortune. She is unafraid of work and gifted with a needle, but how will she stitch together the tattered remnants of her life? And who will mend her heart, torn asunder by betrayal and deception?

Elisabeth has not come to Selkirk alone. Her mother-in-law, Marjory Kerr, is a woman undone, having buried her husband, her sons, and any promise of grandchildren. Dependent upon a distant cousin with meager resources, Marjory dreads the future almost as much as she regrets the past. Yet joy still comes knocking, and kindness is found in unexpected places.

Then a worthy hero steps forward, rekindling a spark of hope. Will he risk his reputation to defend two women labeled as traitors to the Crown? Or will a wealthy beauty, untainted by scandal, capture his affections? The heartrending journey of the Kerr women comes to a glorious finish in Mine Is the Night.
First off, i think i would have to say that this is the best Liz Curtis Higgs book i have read! Her scenes are so vividly portrayed, that you can see the lowlands of Scotland, feel the rain and taste the scones, etc. as well as feel the emotions of the well-rounded out characters. The story has everything needed to make it outstanding - a brave, yet gentle hero, who can be harsh if needed, a needy heroine, intrigue, danger and suspense. That there are more than one romance story told, does not hurt, either.
I love it when i can learn history through fiction, and romance was alive and well during the 1700s as Liz writes. The comparison to Naomi and Ruth (of the old testament) is there in the background, and definitely (in my humble opinion) adds dimention to the story.
All-in-all a page turner, and one i will remember and re-read!
This book was given to me free by Waterbrook Multnomah book Publishers for the express reason of giving an honest review, not necessarily favorable.  The opinions are my own.
This book will be available at, as well as your local bookstore March 15, 2011


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