Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31

i am happy to announce that this round of renovations is almost done! i set up my bed in my 'new' bedroom last night. The painter is coming this morning to prime the walls and ceiling, not sure when he will be back to do the painting. And yes, i chose red. An amazing feeling. The carpenters have a little to do outside, like but the railing up on the deck and the skirting. But then i found out that the door we ordered on Wednesday, should be delivered next Wednesday. So, that is the next stuff to do.

Now it's off to a used book sale, breakfast and a sidewalk sale at a cool craft store. So...until later, have an awesome day

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27

Good's been one of those days, in the carpentry world at the Barkmans. Yesterday our contractor was on his own...and about finished painting the exterior. Today was better. The helper was here, and he finished the painting. The drywall-er was here, and finished step one of the process. The deck is ready to have trex put on, and the trex is all here.
Mom and i went to Paradise Bakery for coffee this morning with a group of 9 women (not sure how many men were in their own corner). Then Mom and i went to check out exterior doors to replace the sliding door that is in there now. Since the man we were suppose to talk to was just on lunch, we decided to go have some, too. To make a long story short, we found out what we needed to, took a quick trip to another Lowe's to buy a light fixture for my room, then back home after 2:00. Mom had her nap and i went to check out more doors. Conclusion? i may be confused, but it's an educated confusion!
Friends are stopping in to say goodbye, which is sad, but the busyness we are involved here, it keeping us upbeat. Have a great night!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23

Good evening... it seems that here in Arizona, every time i turn around it's the weekend again. i suppose that is because Saturday and Sunday are the two days that are different than the rest of the week. As mentioned Monday, we've been lying low. Oh, i've been doing stuff, but Mom  has been staying home more.
Today i did some needed errands out and about town...water run, bought some small items, library to return books and so on. Did that this morning and was back for a light lunch of fruit, veggies and such. Helped out a friend in the park with her bulletin board she's making for friends' farewell, cleaned up a bit on the construction site, then Mom and i went to Lens' for the girls knitting lessons. Lens went with Sheri's folks for supper, and evening, and the girls and i took Mom back home then to the park to play for an hour. Then to Cracker Barrel for supper and by the time we got finished there, Lens were home again so took the girls right home.  A tiring day for Mom, but couldn't have done it different.
One day this week i had coffee with a special BFF (2000 miles in between, couldn't see each other, but had super great fellowship nonetheless.)
Another morning i went to play suffleboard with friends here in the park. We have 16 courts, and 9 of them were being used! Some of the centres are eliminating their shuffle board courts, but Pueblo just redid theirs, so come on over and play!
The construction is coming right along. The siding is on now, and will be painted Monday or so. The drywaller is expected Monday morning, as well, and since that is a two step project, hopefully that will be done by Tuesday night. If all goes as planned, then the rest of the floor would go down Wednesday, with the deck being next in line. We will wait until Monday before we call our painter for the bedroom.
Now i need to run along, so until next time, i love you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19 -

Good morning! The sun is shining brightly on our side of the clouds after a weekend of wind, stormy clouds, rain and even a bit of hail here in El Mirage, in the Valley of the Sun! We're in the middle of construction (stretching my bedroom and the shed) and though the rooms are basically enclosed, there is one spot in my bedroom where the water found entrance.
Although i see a few clouds, over all, the air feels washed, and the trees and so on look clean. It feels like Spring! With a week and a half of construction going on here, Mom and i have decided to lay low. We did go out with friends to Cracker Barrel for lunch (we're all farmers, there, so to us it was dinner) and had their scrumptious special of Homestyle Chicken. No calories if shared, (Mom and i do) or out with friends, right?
Not sure how today will go...if Mom is rested up enough, we might go see what kind of curtains she wants in the living room. Of course, i suppose next will be furniture? New floors, painted walls, new know how it goes, i'm sure!
Mom had thought she would like verticals, but i want her to think curtains - and then she can decide which she wants. Other than that, i'm into knitting...not fancy like Mom, but who knows, i'm almost tempted to do something like a lap robe, or perhaps a simple prayer shawl. So many ideas, so little time.
It feels like spring...did i say that already? Anyways, it's got my juices flowing so we'll see what comes of it. Have an awesome day! Thanks for visiting.

And yes, i love comments, and will answer them

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday, March 14

Saying Good-bye is hard. Even if it's just for the summer, and not because of death. Mom and i took Allen Ensz to the airport this morning...had Aunt Agnes along, too, and she took us out to Freddy's Steakburgers for lunch. Yummy. Then, in the afternoon, my cousin and her husband who have been in Phoenix for 3 weeks, left for home today. Lots of memories made again, this year, different from any other year, past or future. i guess it's that time of year, Spring. and we only have about 5 and a half or 6 weeks left, too, until we head north, as we think now, any ways. No carpenters today...other obligations that needed fulfilling.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13

Hope you are having one great day! The temperature here is awesome...The construction on our addition is coming along smoothly. The inspector was here, no red flags so everything was good to go. They are hoping to get far enough today that they can call for another inspection tomorrow, and then they could close every thing in.  Yeah.
Allan Ensz, a dear friend who was just a week older than my dad, and sort of cousin to him, is leaving tomorrow. Back to the cold country that he calls home - Alberta.  So i believe a few of us will be doing something a little special with him today, though not sure just what. And since i can't really help with the construction (insurance) guess i might as well leave!
So, have a great day, and until next time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

march 9th

Mom and i left El Mirage Wednesday around 11:30 a.m. after i finished with my 'make & take' class at the fun craft. We are making purses/beach bags/book bags or what-ever-you-want-bags from plastic shopping bags. Yep, the kind you get from Walmart or Safeways or almost any other store these days. Most of the women are crocheting theirs, but i crocheted Karen a beach bags a few years ago. Also, with Mom teaching the girls to knit, i figured i should be knitting as well. It is really surprising how much i actually remembered from when Mom taught me to knit years ago. Of course, knitting with plastic bags (yarn) is very different than knitting with conventional yarn.
We stopped at the library to pick up a bunch of books i had put on hold (including home front, by Kris ten Hannah, which i hopefully will get read and reviewed this weekend) and headed out to Yuma. The carpenters were actually at our house at shortly after 8 in the morning, and before we left at noon the carpets were all torn out! We found Greg & Esther's favorite restaurant in Gila Bend (Sofia's Mexican Restaurant) for lunch, stopped at Dateland for milkshakes and got to Bill Eitzens' in Yuma around 4. After a lovely visit there, we checked in at our motel and went to Dean's for supper. Got back to the motel around 8:15 and crashed for the night. Thursday was spent visiting a few places. Went to KFC Buffet with Donna and met Oliphia...a lovely spanish speaking woman, would have loved having her as a close friend and she could teach me spanish while i taught her english!
Coming back today, we had breakfast at the Donut Corral with a tableful of Northern Albertans, stopped at Bennie's to see Sharilee and the boys, then on off home. Had lunch at Dateland, as well as our milkshakes. Then at Gila Bend, instead of heading north to I-10 we went east to Maricopa. What a lovely ride through the Sonoran Desert. Had never been there, but would love to go again. As we got home, the carpenters were just putting the finishing touches on the floor! They moved the heavy furniture in, and actually cleaned up before heading out for the weekend! They plan to be back here Monday morning by 9 to work on the addition! New floor - it's awesome!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4

i want to be more consistent with blogging, so will start with that today. It's a lovely Sunday morning here in El Mirage, Arizona. The sun is shining, very few clouds in the sky, but still on the cool side for here - 40 degress F., but i am sure it will warm up by noon. It has been a busy week socially - out every night. Mostly this was because friends were returning home after some time in the sun, others were because of expected company in the coming week. Last night i picked up our dear widow-lady (Aunt Agnes) and our partners in eating - Walter Millers and took them to Happy Valley where i had found a neat rib shack (Actually called Shane's Ribshack!) for great ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken etc. fabulous food, quiet place which is very important when you have hard of hearing friends along.
i started a new handcraft project this week, and yes i am knitting! i can't very well let a 7 year old do something like that and not join in. I am knitting a book bag using - shopping bags. Yes the plastic kind you get from Walmart, Safeways, etc! i have actually crochet a beach bag before, but decided that i should knit this book bag. The make and take it is for crocheting  purse, and i may do that some other time.
Today. Mom and i are going to venture on a day trip. We have not been to the far east part of this great valley, except for a dinner theatre one night a couple of years ago. So we chose today to do this. It helps that we know Raymond and Erma Remple (Mom's cousin's son) live over there, and we have their address, so will stop and see where they live. So, now it's off to get ready. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st

Good morning...
Yes it's been a while since i sat down and wrote about my life....but it's March 1st, and our time here in Arizona is over three fifths done. That's right. Mom and i have been here over three months, and have less than 2 months before we pack up our duds and head north for the summer. But it looks like it will be a very busy 2 months. Back in December we contacted a contractor who we knew to do some work in the park model. It started out with putting in new floors in the main part (not the addition). The barbar rug is a light color and is impossible to clean anymore. (The explanation i have received on that is that the smog here tracks in, but personally i think it might be the dust). So we bought the laminate floor we liked, and scheduled the work to begin the middle of January.  Well, Bert (the contractor) has had some setbacks and he's still not here. Luckily the flooring is bought and paid for, or maybe not so lucky?
And before we scheduled him, Mom and i (and Peter & Karen) decided to do some major renos. Major in the way that we will be adding about 5 feet to my bedroom, and about that to the shed. Hopefully that will begin soon.
Before we got the floors redone, we though it would be wise to paint the walls, so Mom chose some bright colors to replace the off white walls. Sure changes the looks of the house. Once my room is enlarged, i will have the fun of choosing my color. Can't really decide yet, as i am not sure how it will turn out.
I'll try to keep up with projects as they happen, whether it's construction or jaunts to the desert. Have one great day.