Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012 diary

Well, we've set a date for leaving sunny, warm Arizona. We fly to Edmonton from Sky Harbor International Airport on Saturday. Peters will be at the airport in Edmonton to pick us up. Of course, since we fly in at midnight, we'll stay night at Nisku. The weather here in El Mirage has been very favorable - the hottest we have seen it has been 107 F. But they say it will cool of this week. Actually, it only got to 97 today. i have started to get ready...the shed is ready for the golf cart, the patio table and bikes are stored. My craft items have been stored for the season. The resort has certainly emptied out this last week. There are three mobile homes occupied right in our vicinity, (one across the street from us and the one just south of us. Very quiet. We expected our painter to show up yesterday or today, but no show. Moms Aunt Helen, who turned 100 years old in February has been moved out of palliative care into a private room at the hospital. it seems she has no recollection of the 3 days she was so sick she didn't eat, though she appears to know that she didn't eat, and that it was because the nurses snitched the things they thought she liked. Her sense of humor is still intact. Peter says it's cold at home...not sure if he is thinking that we'll think it, or if he really feels it's still cold. Thanks for listening again. Have a good night.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012

Good morning on this lovely sunshiney morning. i haven't heard any complaints about the lovely morning (but then, i haven't talked to anyone other than Mom this morning, either!) It is 72 F. at 8:11 a.m. Forecast says it will reach 91 today, but that guestimation has consistently been on the low side this spring. Mom and i went to Home Depot yesterday and checked out the door - and yes it is in. Told Bert (our contractor) and he said he'd be here this morning. Hopefully it will be in by tonight, and we'll sit back and enjoy it.

The resort is emptying out...it is very quiet here. we took back the streets! Shuffle board starts early because of the warm weather - 8:30 instead of 10.
i did some bowling this week. Maybe i am getting better, or not Thanks for checking in. Love you guys.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16

oh my Word (inside joke, the girls mom taught knitting to used this expression alot)! It's been awhile since i updated my diary! Well, today was wash day. Just because i needed to this week, and i might as well do it today rather than waiting for something to come up. i took the laundry to the laundromat here in the resort, and started it going, then went home to have breakfast. When i got back about 20 minutes later, my one rubbermaid tub was missing. Put the sheets, towels, dresses and etc. on the line then went hunting for the missing tub. Asked about everyone i met about it, no one knew anything. Went off to play shuffleboard, then finished the laundry - dried, folded and put away. When i went back to the laundromat a few hours later and asked again, an elderly gent said not only had he seen it, it was now in his shed. Okay...i was baffled why he would have helped himself to something that obviously wasn't his, but found out later he has dementia and likely just didn't know any better. Sad, though, both he and his wife have it but they are still living on their own here at the resort. Guess i'll just have to keep better watch on my things, and hope he doesn't anger someone by helping himself.
The little girls are busy knitting, and need more yarn, so mom and i went to JoAnn's looking for some, but the store we checked at didn't have any left. Guess we'll try another one tomorrow. Most of the snowbirds are gone or leaving this week, so no coffee at Paradise Bakery tomorrow. i forgot to pick up milk today, so we'll go to IHOP for breakfast, then search for yarn. Have a good night, and we'll talk soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12

Today was a quiet day...too windy for shuffleboarding, or even to be outside much, though in temperatures it was not too bad. It was actually nice to have a quiet day for a change. i should have worked with my cricut making cards, but instead i read, read, read! Oh, and i went to Walmart a bit and did some looking around and buying a bit. Then Mom and i went to IHOP. i love their Cinnastack French Toast. Have you tried that?
Not sure what tomorrow will hold - do we ever? Kimberly Ensz get to know the Hanley triplets the year they were about 2 and wants to hear what i know about them...What will i tell her? She talked about getting together for lunch tomorrow so will have to see.
Sorry i haven't blogged this week. Guess that is what happens when there is not much going on. Have a great night

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday, April 6, 2012

It's getting toward the end of the week again! Seems like every time i look it's Saturday or almost! Yesterday i frittered the day away. I was on shuffleboard duty this week, which meant i was at the courts early to help get them ready for playing, then i stayed to play. i feel i can actually put the puck where i want to, some of the time. Mom's cousin's daughter and family was driving through on their trip from Winnipeg to San Diego and back (they are on their way home) and had a few hours window to see us, so we took them to Rio Mirage for lunch.
They had decided that on this trip they would not eat at the same restaurant (or chain) twice. So eating at Rio was a great choice (they are not a chain, having only two restaurants, and both in the Valley). The rest of the day we were lazy. And i mean lazy. Except for a short walk in the evening we were at home.
Today? Totally unplanned. There is a Good Friday service at church tonight...Will see what the day holds. Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Good evening. Was your day as awesome as mine? First, went to help friends in the park get the shuffleboards ready for playing this morning. Then hurried off to Paradise Bakery to meet other friends for coffee, and chocolate! Then four of us headed off to Crossroads Bibles and Bookstore for browsing. i really like their store, cause i can trade in my read books for ones i haven't read yet. Then we went shopping for material for the roman shades in my red bedroom. Phyllis will make them, and yes, i found something i like. All this shopping made us hungry so we stopped at Barro's Pizza before going home. i picked up Mom and went to Len & Shari to say goodbye to them and their girls. We had so much fun with the girls and their knitting lessons this winter. For supper we picked up A. Agnes and met Walter and Phyllis for supper at Olive Garden. In between my running around i moved a bit more into my room, plus some organizing! Sure glad not all days are as busy as today was! Thanks for listening. Hope tomorrow is so boring i have nothing to write, but don't suppose that will happen. Take care. Love you

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st, 2012

Good morning. i won't mention much about the year being a quarter gone, or that we only have a month left here in the sunny south, or even that the snowbirds are busy flying north.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Some complaints from others who thought that 95 F was getting too hot, and that summer was here, but not much.

i found deals yesterday at the book sale. Not sure what i want with MORE books, but i have them! i also stopped at Walmart and picked up Karen Kingsbury's last novel in the Bailey Flannigan series called LOVING. And got some cool stuff at the CROP GIRLS yard sale.

Then went to the bowling alley with friends and played 5 games. They do say that laughter is the best medicine, and i say another quote that said time wasted laughing is not wasted at all! So there you have it. It was a hilarious afternoon, and totally relaxing - well except my right arm is pretty sore right now!

i came home to a gray/blue room with white ceiling. The ceiling is finished, the walls primed for tomorrow morning. It's getting closer! And now, i'm getting excited to move in and enjoy it!

We don't have plans for today...beyond to church. How are you spending the weekend?