Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit - Andy Andrews

To be perfectly honest with my review, i would have to admit that i would never have picked Andy Andrews’ book “The Final Summit” off of the shelf, even if i had seen it there.  It looks like a motivational book, and that is what it is listed as on the back – Self-help, motivational, general. Not my type of book at all. And it is a motivational book. I believe it is actually a sequel to “The Travelers’ Gift”, but it is can easily be read on it’s own.

Having said that, i must admit, as well, that i will be looking for more of Andrews’ books. 

The story starts off with the concern of a few of David Ponder’s ‘friends’, and quickly aroused my curiosity.  It goes on to describe in vivid detail the summit and its attendees.  I checked a few times to see if i was reading a motivational book because it reads like a thriller! According to Andrews  in the author’s  note the background on the historical figures is totally correct, which does add to the book

Suspense, intrigue, inspiration, and enlightenment are all woven into a delightful story that will have far reaching effects.  I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 18.

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