Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

Hi guys

it's been a long time since i blogged, but it's been a crazy summer. As i sit here in a motel room in Saskaotoon, Saskatchewan, i'm having a bit of down time. Mom and i just came back from an awesome reunion, a highlight of my LIFE.
About 13 years ago i left little town Linden, Alberta to see the bright lights of - little town Borden. (actually Borden is a lot smaller than Linden, but it has something Linden doesn't have - Living Books, Inc and employment for me). The five years i spent there were great years, and i learnt a lot about books (hahaha) and a lot of people.
Now that i have that background out of the way, Yesterday was awesome, wonderful, great and words i don't know. Living Books Inc has now been in business for 25 years, and they invited present and past workers, representatives, and distributors to a grand day of, reunion. Not only were there lots of people i had interacted closely with during the years i worked there, but they had invited a few authors to share in their day, who graceously accepted the invite. Lauraine Snelling (whom i had met at LBI while working there), Brock Thoene (Bodie was busy at Sarah's house with the new grandbaby who arrived a month early) and Davey and Marie Janke (they just have a new book out on OUR WITCHDOCTORS ARE TOO WEAK, from David C. Cook).
i could go on and on about the great day we had, the presentations the authors gave, the allocades the company gave and so on, but suffice it to say that i am grateful they invited me. Martin, Janice and Vangie Whitbread and all the current staff did a wonderful job. Thanks guys. again.

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