Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30

So, did you think i dropped off the end of the world? Well, i guess in a sense i did. Mom and i sadly but determinedly set off for Mom's favorite cousin Luise Boese's funeral on Tuesday, August which was held at Linden on the 16th. We traveled through from home to Three Hills Diamond Inn motel that day, stopping occasionally. Wednesday morning we visited her Aunt Helen in the Linden Nursing Home, Aunt Joan Barkman at her place, stopped to see the Fabric Store and saw another friend before meeting with Heather and Aunt Joan for lunch in Linden. After lunch we went back to the motel for rests before the family supper and service for Luise. Well, i think within an hour, 911 had been called, and shortly thereafter was taken to the hospital with excruciating pain. After a sleepless night, a transfer to the Red Deer Hospital for a CT scan was ordered. By 6:30 that night Mom was in surgery. She had had a blood clot to the colon, which caused the colon to die. Peter & Karen got to Red Deer that night, and we have been making the Holiday Inn Express our home. i am happy to say she made it through surgery, and by the prayers of friends and relatives she has made it this far. Truly we saw prayers answered not only daily, but hourly. She is still in ICU where we expect she might be for a few days/weeks depending on how things go. She is off of the ventilator, and they are hoping to have her moving soon. So that's where we have been/are. Thanks so much hardly seems enough to say for all that has been done for us. So for now i'll just say God has been good to us. Thanks for the prayers, and we ask for continued prayer. The nurses and doctors for the most part have been awesome instruments in God's hands, and we can not say enough about the care she has had so far. God Bless.


  1. Opps - I hope you don't have two comments here - my fingers aren't working really great tonight. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for joining as a follower. I really like your blog to - you have such positive and affirming mesages. I hope your Mom is doing better - I know how health issues can seem to steal all our energy and ability to keep up with things. I have been through some rough times with my parents and my husband's mother this year (we lost my MIL and almost lost my Dad). I sent up a few prayers for you and your Mom. Keep us posted!!!

  2. Here is the link to my card!