Friday, December 30, 2016

Barkman Farms contact renewed

Welcome back to Barkman Farms. Thank you for being so patient during my hiatus and thank you for those of you who took the initiative and emailed me. We are doing fine for the shape we are in. Mom turned 90 years young on July 25. This has been a hard year for her as she misses her sisters. We did go to her brother and sister-in-law’s 70th wedding Anniversary this summer and saw their family which was a highlight. A month earlier we took in the Barkman family gathering as well.
2015 saw us selling off our equipment and renting out our land. 2016 found us looking for jobs.
In November Mom, my best friend CeZar (bichon/shih tzu/yorkie cross puppy, born March 23, 2015) and I packed and headed to Arizona. We first came down here in January of 1997, so that makes this our 20th season. It is very nice to be able to avoid some of the harsh winter weather that Alberta gets some years. We always feel we are coming home, and have made my friends through the years. We especially enjoy each moment we can spend with a friend whom we call Aunt Agnes, though she is not a close relative.
More about my little friend. CeZar will be 2 on March 23, 2017. He was born on the farm we used to own at Linden, which makes him extra special. Spoiled? No, I’m just well trained. Mom loves him too, and doesn’t mind if I leave him with her for the day or however long.
So that is how we will be entering the new year of 2017. I won’t be promising to keep your mailbox full, but i will try to keep in touch.
A Happy and Blessed New Year to each one of you and yours

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