Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 28

 Sitting here, in Mom's park model in Arizona. Listening to the rain on the tin roof, the furnace warming us and watching a hummingbird. Moms reading and me on the internet. What more could i ask for? other than to have family here, or you to have coffee with. Hard to see the hunningbird, but she/he's spent most of the last hour there.
1229101206a.jpgThis morning Mom and i went to "Fun Crafts". For those of you who are unfamiliar with that session it's a regular Wednesday morning 'class' here at Pueblo El Mirage Resort, spearheaded by Ethel Klopfer. it is a time we can bring our unfinished projects to work on, and get distracted from that by learning a new craft, or whatever. Today i took nothing along to do, thinking i would just visit or watch what others were doing. To my great pleasure, Barb Herron, a renown arts and crafts teacher offered to help us with making a card. She had planned to make her Christmas Thankyou Cards there this morning and had all of her supplies with her! So instead of doing her own cards, she help 7 or 8 of us make beautiful embroidered cards. She offered me a book of Christmas patterns, so took it home and will copy a few pictures for my own use. Don't think i'll use them for sending to everyone next Christmas, though. She will bring copies of the card pattern we made today to next Wednesdays Fun Crafts, as well as supplies to make a 'gift' that some of us missed out on. Not exactly sure what it is, but it needs puzzle pieces!
Mom took her 'baby cap' along to work on. Ethel was making 'scrubbies' made with netting. Rita was working on a blanket, as was 94 year old Mary. Gail was making a cardigan, and so on. Each does their own thing unless someone is willing to help with a craft.1229101209a.jpg
i need to wash down the house from the summer sand, but with it raining, guess i'll leave it for another day. Have some shopping i need to do, but am thinking even that can wait. Tonight we plan on going out with neighbors for supper, then playing card games - either Skipbo or Racko, but i'm leaning towards Skipbo. so until next time. mitzi/marianne

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