Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Light - Terri Blackstock

Just finished reading Last Light by Terri Blackstock. This is not my usual genre of book, but because it was written by Terri Blackstock, i decided to give it a go. She takes an interesting road to explore a deep subject. i found the pace slower than i remember her other books, and it took me a while to finish it. However, she had enough suspense in it to keep me coming back for more. I will read more of her books, but maybe not another one in this series.
She starts off with a father and daughter arriving at the airport nearest their home. After that things litterly fall apart - the airplanes crash, the cars stall or won't start, anything electronic seems to be not working, including digital clocks, phones, etc. How much to we rely on these things instead of relying on God? Could we go back to the time before technology and be content? How would we deal with it all? The questions are thought provoking, and meaningful.
Although this is part of a series, i felt left very much up in the air with the ending...what really caused the technology to misfunction? A lot of loose ends needed cleaning up. Sorry, Terri, i was disappointed in this book.

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