Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book of Days - James L. Rubart

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What if you were losing your most treasured memories? Of your wife who passed away, of your dad who died far too young? What if you heard of a book whaere all of those memories are recorded and you could get them back? And what if this book also told your future? Would you believe it? Would you go on a desperate search for it, holding onto a strand of hope it would bring healing and answer all your questions?
Young Cameron Vaux's mind is slipping. Memories of his wife, killed two years earlier in a car accident, are vanishing just as his late father predicted they would. Memories he knows are critical to remember. But his only hope for answers, and a cure, seems to lie in search for a book--and a God--he doesn't believe in..
My Review
This is the first book i have read by James Rubart, but he has just become a new 'must' have author. Brilliantly written. Subject was just believable enough to keep me reading. Not violent, but a hint of it...Believable characters.
Although i didn't devour "Book of Days" in one sitting like Collen Coble (author of Cry in the Night and The Lightkeeper's Bride), i did read it in one day...Truly a suspense story, a page turner! This book is very well written, one i will be recommending.
i give this book a 10 out of 10. i received Book of Days as a free gift from James L. Rubart through a contest.
This book is available through Christianbook Distributors,, Barnes and Noble and Parable Book Stores and your local christian book seller.

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