Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

It's been a while since i have blogged...will try to get on track again. Last week was cold here in El Mirage Arizona, as it was through most of North America, i think. Most mornings when i checked the weather via Google, the temperature here in El Mirage was cooler than in Peoria, Alberta which is about 60 miles northeast of Grande Prairie! Brrr. It has even snowed here in the valley this winter! But i got a lot of the projects done that i needed to. On the warmer days i washed down the walls of the parkmodel, and washed the windows. Trimmed the orange/lemon tree (yes it is one tree with a lemon tree grafted onto the orange tree (i think), picked the oranges and squeezed them for fresh orange juice and made some orange rind for future baking use.On the cooler days i did some baking - cinnamon rolls and cheese rolls, and banana bread. i helped Mom finish the binding on her quilt, so it's packed and ready to travel now. i read some books, did a bit of blogging about books as well. A couple of the cool days i took off and spent part of the day with my girlfriend, introducing her to a couple of new experiences in the Valley, and having coffee. I still help out at the PEM computer club once in a while. And of course, Mom and i are doing our part to make sure the restaurants here are not threatened with closure due to not enough customers. Other than that, i guess i have just been doing the every day things to keep going. Mom did find a new yarn shop that she likes, so will be doing our best to keep that going, too. Take care, and please be in touch.

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