Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st..diary continued

Yesterday we went to Grande Prairie via Rycroft and Spirit River, leaving Mom's vehicle in Spirit River for an oil change and having lunch at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Groceries was our big purchase .. getting some at both Costco and Safeway. Originally Mom had said she was staying home, but deciding at the last minute to join us. We filled the coolers and tool box, then stopped at Pizza Hut for supper. While in town, we were told Mom's Envoy was ready for pick up, so we went back home via Spirit River.  Peter's continued home to unload groceries, and Mom asked if i would stop at our dearest friends, Bill & Mildred to let them know we were home. Of course, we couldn't leave before having tea. Awesome visit!
We were just coming up Birch Hills before our place when i had to stop to let a moose cross the road.  Let's not rush, we might stumble! Then about half a mile further, we stopped because a brown bear (black in color, actually) was sitting in our path. Eventually he moved off, but only into the ditch where he sat down to look at us! Probably only about a year old. Cuddlier looking than feeling, i think. Have a great night, and thanks for joining me!

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