Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi there. it's been awhile since i've been on this...not sure why, except the last few days it seems like my mind has literally been whirling, and there is NO reason for it. Couldn't slow it down to latch onto anything worthwhile. Maybe it was only because i hadn't done any real physical labor! Nothing mentally strenuous either.
The weekend was busy socially, as well as with such mundane stuff as yes - shopping! well, that's out of the way for a few days, so we can go on to other things. Mom has the quilt up. i'll try to get some pictures shortly. Luckily the embroidered blocks (all 36 of them) are so awesome, the quilting will hardly get a second look, cause i am by no stretch of the imagination even a mediocre quilter.  Yesterday we had 5 ladies (including Mom and myself) around the quilt frame. Imagine if you can, a frame 72 inches by 24 inches set up in the room. After you put chairs on each side and end, once they are occupied, there is no room to walk behind them! But it was fun, and we got quite a bit done in the 2 hours they were here. Today cousin Ruth came to help. But then, i skipped out for most of the morning because i was down at the laundromat doing the laundry. I actually enjoy the latter more than the former, as long as i am not thinking guilty thoughts about leaving Mom to do the quilting by herself. We were able to move the quilt on the frame as we have now quilted 10/36 of the blanket. Yay. We are having a quiet evening today. We went to Cracker Barrel for (dinner) lunch and i had a meatloaf dinner, so will not have much for supper tonight. Both Mom and i are not hungry. So have yourselves a great evening too. The weather was gorgeous - dried my laundry outside on the line. Sadly, between laundry and quilting i didn't take time to enjoy the sun as such. But we'll have more days like that, down here in the valley of the sun. Take care.

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