Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan. 4

iwoke up this morning (glad i did) feeling like i could tackle cleaning. i started off with the golfcart shed, but didn't get far as today was the first Tuesday of the month and mom and i were expected at Paradise Bakery for breakfast/coffee. Mom was ready to come home after that, but had barely come home and she wanted to head off to Joanne's to get the last bits of stuff to put her quilt together. It is so far to go (10 miles) so i had to do some shopping in that area too. Well, when we were done, we were too hungry to go home and make something for lunch, so we did the next best thing and stopped at Cracker Barrel for a bite. After a stop at Rosa Mae Schmidt for her quilt rack and keys to get into the social hall, i think we're all set to put up the quilt tomorrow. We had just got home when neighbor Del knocked on the door - he needed my help for about 3 seconds, measuring a curtain rod, and had been trying to catch me at home for who knows how many days - atleast yesterday and today, and he'd see me come home, and then by the time he got here i was gone again. Yep...that was me. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Phyllis' (she has a big table) marking out the quilt, came home for a nap, then headed out to Cracker Barrel to meet them for supper! Seems like our life revolves around food down here! Social life, anyways. Now i need to get at that shed.

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