Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i always knew i had a magic touch when it came to computers. Not always, but enough times to be able to think this, when a friend asked me to come and help with a computer problem....the problem fixed itself just after i walked in the door, without me touching the computer! Now, my computer has been down for about a week (i used Mom's in the meantime). i don't know what happened - one night i shut it down, it did it's regular updates, and so on. When i tried to start it in the morning, the lights came on, but no one was home. The monitor remained = BLACK. So i took it to asked different people about it - at Costco, cause i didn't buy it there, they couldn't help me. Len here in the park only does desktops, because they have more room  to work on. and so on. Then last night i asked Bob if he would look at it. Sure, he said, no problem. i was going to take it over to him this morning, but thought i would just try it one more time (so i wouldn't look so foolish if it worked) VOILA - and here i am on line, blogging as if there was no interuption! Thanks, Bob. you don't even have to be in the same room as the computer to work on it - or did Len tell you it was time for pay back on the cookies last year?

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