Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charlie Bear at Taylor's Tips

Awhile ago i found an awesome blog at bjtaylorblog@wordpress.com and as i have been following the little rescue dog Charlie Bear from the time he was found until now, i have had many great insights to my life as well as a dog's life. It is written as if the puppy (for he is still a puppy) is talking with the humans in his life coming in as "female peep" and "male peep". Life is not at all good for a puppy on the run, and he has bad habits to over come. Will the puppy always want to run on his own and be his own boss, will he make canine friends as well as human friends or is the vagabond too deeply ingrained so that CB never settles down? i loved this story, and am sorry to see it come to an end. But Charlie Bear says his mom is going to write a book about his escapades, and so somethings must end so others can begin! i should have blogged about this site earlier, but the blog will still be up and running (i hope) with links to the archives! Check back with me or on her blog to find out when BJ will have the book available. i'll keep you posted!

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