Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hamilton Heir - Valerie Hansen

The Hamilton Heir
The Gossip Guru

…hears tough tycoon Tim Hamilton—the legitimate son currently running Hamilton Media for his ailing father—was seen squiring his assistant, Dawn Leroux, around town last week. Inside information is that Tim wrecked Dawn's car and offered to lend her a replacement, but her concern was with the people on her meal-delivery route. Only time will tell if the lovely Ms. Leroux's sweet nature can tame Tim's all-business beast and turn him into a human being.


i started this book one afternoon, and finished it on Monday. It is not a new book, but i picked it up at a bargain bin, and decided i needed some that was quick, fun and not one with a lot of depth to it. The story is well written, and Varerie does a great job of bringing the people and places to life. The characters are well-rounded, and there was enough humor that it kept me reading. This one gets a 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Again, i will not read it through the second time (there are just too many great authors and novels out there that i would not reread most of my books) but will recommend it to anyone who needs a book to relax with.

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