Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday, April 6, 2012

It's getting toward the end of the week again! Seems like every time i look it's Saturday or almost! Yesterday i frittered the day away. I was on shuffleboard duty this week, which meant i was at the courts early to help get them ready for playing, then i stayed to play. i feel i can actually put the puck where i want to, some of the time. Mom's cousin's daughter and family was driving through on their trip from Winnipeg to San Diego and back (they are on their way home) and had a few hours window to see us, so we took them to Rio Mirage for lunch.
They had decided that on this trip they would not eat at the same restaurant (or chain) twice. So eating at Rio was a great choice (they are not a chain, having only two restaurants, and both in the Valley). The rest of the day we were lazy. And i mean lazy. Except for a short walk in the evening we were at home.
Today? Totally unplanned. There is a Good Friday service at church tonight...Will see what the day holds. Have a great day.

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