Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12

Today was a quiet day...too windy for shuffleboarding, or even to be outside much, though in temperatures it was not too bad. It was actually nice to have a quiet day for a change. i should have worked with my cricut making cards, but instead i read, read, read! Oh, and i went to Walmart a bit and did some looking around and buying a bit. Then Mom and i went to IHOP. i love their Cinnastack French Toast. Have you tried that?
Not sure what tomorrow will hold - do we ever? Kimberly Ensz get to know the Hanley triplets the year they were about 2 and wants to hear what i know about them...What will i tell her? She talked about getting together for lunch tomorrow so will have to see.
Sorry i haven't blogged this week. Guess that is what happens when there is not much going on. Have a great night

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