Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16

oh my Word (inside joke, the girls mom taught knitting to used this expression alot)! It's been awhile since i updated my diary! Well, today was wash day. Just because i needed to this week, and i might as well do it today rather than waiting for something to come up. i took the laundry to the laundromat here in the resort, and started it going, then went home to have breakfast. When i got back about 20 minutes later, my one rubbermaid tub was missing. Put the sheets, towels, dresses and etc. on the line then went hunting for the missing tub. Asked about everyone i met about it, no one knew anything. Went off to play shuffleboard, then finished the laundry - dried, folded and put away. When i went back to the laundromat a few hours later and asked again, an elderly gent said not only had he seen it, it was now in his shed. Okay...i was baffled why he would have helped himself to something that obviously wasn't his, but found out later he has dementia and likely just didn't know any better. Sad, though, both he and his wife have it but they are still living on their own here at the resort. Guess i'll just have to keep better watch on my things, and hope he doesn't anger someone by helping himself.
The little girls are busy knitting, and need more yarn, so mom and i went to JoAnn's looking for some, but the store we checked at didn't have any left. Guess we'll try another one tomorrow. Most of the snowbirds are gone or leaving this week, so no coffee at Paradise Bakery tomorrow. i forgot to pick up milk today, so we'll go to IHOP for breakfast, then search for yarn. Have a good night, and we'll talk soon.

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