Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Good evening. Was your day as awesome as mine? First, went to help friends in the park get the shuffleboards ready for playing this morning. Then hurried off to Paradise Bakery to meet other friends for coffee, and chocolate! Then four of us headed off to Crossroads Bibles and Bookstore for browsing. i really like their store, cause i can trade in my read books for ones i haven't read yet. Then we went shopping for material for the roman shades in my red bedroom. Phyllis will make them, and yes, i found something i like. All this shopping made us hungry so we stopped at Barro's Pizza before going home. i picked up Mom and went to Len & Shari to say goodbye to them and their girls. We had so much fun with the girls and their knitting lessons this winter. For supper we picked up A. Agnes and met Walter and Phyllis for supper at Olive Garden. In between my running around i moved a bit more into my room, plus some organizing! Sure glad not all days are as busy as today was! Thanks for listening. Hope tomorrow is so boring i have nothing to write, but don't suppose that will happen. Take care. Love you

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