Sunday, June 26, 2011

diary...June 26,

Sorry for not keeping you in touch with my life. but here goes. will try to keep it concise, though
The crops and garden are in the ground - or perhaps i should say out of the ground. They are all growing super nicely. We have had almost triple the rain this spring so far than what we had all growing season last year, for which we are grateful beyond words! Sounds like a lot? and some of you are drowning out, but for us 3 X 1 inch is great. We do need warmth and sunshine, but am confindent God will send us this as well.
Much as i'd like to just stay home, now, it seems we've been on the road alot. We finished putting the seed in the ground, and two days later all four of us were on our way down to Linden. Peter & Karen just went there and back, but Mom and i spent almost a week there visiting friends and family. Although it was great, i was more than ready to come home and garden!
Then, last weekend, Lillian, mother of a dear friend, and someone i got to know better when i lived in Saskatchewan for those 5 years, passed away. She and her husband were involved in an accident 10 days earlier, and though her husband walked away from the head-on collision, she had did not fare as well. She was healing fairly well when she contracted pnemonia (sp?) and passed away. Mom and i went to that funeral, leaving here Sunday morning and getting back shortly after dinner on Friday.
i am finding out that Mom just can't make these trips in just a few days. So we visited friends and family there, too.
i think i am home to stay for awhile, but won't write that in stone, yet. We have a few doctor's appointments coming up, and Peter & Karen have offered to take Mom to Steinbach to visit her sister there. i might take her to Abbotsford later this summer to visit Dad's sister, sister-in-law, Mom's brother and other family there.
i have started working on our rock-garden (this one actually has flowers in it, we're not growing rocks there) but with all the traveling and rain, it looks pretty bad. Am looking forward to getting in there, as well as into the strawberry patch.
Wishing you a great summer, and thanks for stopping by for coffee this morning!

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