Sunday, June 12, 2011

Until We Reach Home - Lynn Austin

Until We Reach Home  -     
        By: Lynn Austin

Until We Reach Home – by Lynn Austin

Until We Reach Home begins in Sweden, a new beginning – January 1897. Three sisters, Elin, Kirsten and Sofia have lived with their Uncle Sven and Aunt  Karin since they moved in with the girls after their parents death.  As  the eldest, Elin feels it her responsibility to protect her younger sisters from the advances of their Uncle, which she has experienced herself. So, before things can go further, she takes her sisters on a voyage to America.

In America, she finds that she did not leave her memories and troubles behind in Sweden, and that hinders their life. Secrets between the sisters abound, causing heartache and distresses.  Sickness greets them once on land again, and the sisters are drawn into their individual lives.

Lynn Austin writes a compelling story, drawing you into the lives of the characters and draws vivid pictures with words.
I enjoy Lynn Austin's books, and recommend this one to everyone.

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