Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leaving - Karen Kingsbury

Leaving, Bailey Flanigan Series #1

Product Description

The Bailey Flanigan series begins with Bailey leaving Bloomington for the adventure of a lifetime. She has won an audition for the ensemble of a Broadway musical in New York City. She's determined to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but is she really ready to leave family and friends for the loneliness of the city? And what of Cody? His disappearance has her worried about their future and praying that their love can survive. In order to be closer to his mother in jail, Cody takes a coaching job in a small community outside Indianapolis. New friends, distance, and circumstances expose cracks in his relationship with Bailey Flanigan.


How does one write an unbiased report on a book that talks about your own family? Oh, right, The Flannigan family is NOT my family. Actually, this is a fiction book, and although the family written about may closely resemble a family you personally know, this is not that family. Anyhows, once again Karen Kingsbury has brought the Flannigan, and Baxter families together with their friends into my own livingroom. The situations are so true to life, so honest, i often feel like i should be seeing them on the street, could be interacting with them.

What a better review than this? The only negative i can see about this is that Karen can't write faster. I know there are some of you who read this that might feel that the stories are too contrived, like stories can't all have such happy endings. i guess i don't find that these all do have happy endings, but since i don't always have happy endings in my own life, i love to read about those times when good happens.

i have bought Karen Kingsbury books at Costco, Parable Book Stores, Walmart, and local Christian Book stores - whereever good books are sold!

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