Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4

i want to be more consistent with blogging, so will start with that today. It's a lovely Sunday morning here in El Mirage, Arizona. The sun is shining, very few clouds in the sky, but still on the cool side for here - 40 degress F., but i am sure it will warm up by noon. It has been a busy week socially - out every night. Mostly this was because friends were returning home after some time in the sun, others were because of expected company in the coming week. Last night i picked up our dear widow-lady (Aunt Agnes) and our partners in eating - Walter Millers and took them to Happy Valley where i had found a neat rib shack (Actually called Shane's Ribshack!) for great ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken etc. fabulous food, quiet place which is very important when you have hard of hearing friends along.
i started a new handcraft project this week, and yes i am knitting! i can't very well let a 7 year old do something like that and not join in. I am knitting a book bag using - shopping bags. Yes the plastic kind you get from Walmart, Safeways, etc! i have actually crochet a beach bag before, but decided that i should knit this book bag. The make and take it is for crocheting  purse, and i may do that some other time.
Today. Mom and i are going to venture on a day trip. We have not been to the far east part of this great valley, except for a dinner theatre one night a couple of years ago. So we chose today to do this. It helps that we know Raymond and Erma Remple (Mom's cousin's son) live over there, and we have their address, so will stop and see where they live. So, now it's off to get ready. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.

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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day yesterday! Good luck on being more consistent with blogging, it can be a challenge!