Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27

Good evening...it's been one of those days, in the carpentry world at the Barkmans. Yesterday our contractor was on his own...and about finished painting the exterior. Today was better. The helper was here, and he finished the painting. The drywall-er was here, and finished step one of the process. The deck is ready to have trex put on, and the trex is all here.
Mom and i went to Paradise Bakery for coffee this morning with a group of 9 women (not sure how many men were in their own corner). Then Mom and i went to check out exterior doors to replace the sliding door that is in there now. Since the man we were suppose to talk to was just on lunch, we decided to go have some, too. To make a long story short, we found out what we needed to, took a quick trip to another Lowe's to buy a light fixture for my room, then back home after 2:00. Mom had her nap and i went to check out more doors. Conclusion? i may be confused, but it's an educated confusion!
Friends are stopping in to say goodbye, which is sad, but the busyness we are involved here, it keeping us upbeat. Have a great night!


  1. Wow, it sounds really busy! I'm glad I haven't had to be part of fixing up a house for a long time!

  2. Yes, Becca...it's busy. but you know how the story goes about the man who thought his house was too small so the priest had him bring in all his family, then his livestock and so on, and then take them out and how huge the house seemed to him and his wife, without building a thing? Well, our life will seem so quiet after we're done, even if we're still running hither and yon just because we can't in summer! Besides, my brother and his wife are renovating our bathroom at home on the farm this week too!

  3. Good morning, I'm a new follower from the World Bloggers Community Blog Hop.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Peace and good to you.