Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st

Good morning...
Yes it's been a while since i sat down and wrote about my life....but it's March 1st, and our time here in Arizona is over three fifths done. That's right. Mom and i have been here over three months, and have less than 2 months before we pack up our duds and head north for the summer. But it looks like it will be a very busy 2 months. Back in December we contacted a contractor who we knew to do some work in the park model. It started out with putting in new floors in the main part (not the addition). The barbar rug is a light color and is impossible to clean anymore. (The explanation i have received on that is that the smog here tracks in, but personally i think it might be the dust). So we bought the laminate floor we liked, and scheduled the work to begin the middle of January.  Well, Bert (the contractor) has had some setbacks and he's still not here. Luckily the flooring is bought and paid for, or maybe not so lucky?
And before we scheduled him, Mom and i (and Peter & Karen) decided to do some major renos. Major in the way that we will be adding about 5 feet to my bedroom, and about that to the shed. Hopefully that will begin soon.
Before we got the floors redone, we though it would be wise to paint the walls, so Mom chose some bright colors to replace the off white walls. Sure changes the looks of the house. Once my room is enlarged, i will have the fun of choosing my color. Can't really decide yet, as i am not sure how it will turn out.
I'll try to keep up with projects as they happen, whether it's construction or jaunts to the desert. Have one great day.

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