Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23

Good evening... it seems that here in Arizona, every time i turn around it's the weekend again. i suppose that is because Saturday and Sunday are the two days that are different than the rest of the week. As mentioned Monday, we've been lying low. Oh, i've been doing stuff, but Mom  has been staying home more.
Today i did some needed errands out and about town...water run, bought some small items, library to return books and so on. Did that this morning and was back for a light lunch of fruit, veggies and such. Helped out a friend in the park with her bulletin board she's making for friends' farewell, cleaned up a bit on the construction site, then Mom and i went to Lens' for the girls knitting lessons. Lens went with Sheri's folks for supper, and evening, and the girls and i took Mom back home then to the park to play for an hour. Then to Cracker Barrel for supper and by the time we got finished there, Lens were home again so took the girls right home.  A tiring day for Mom, but couldn't have done it different.
One day this week i had coffee with a special BFF (2000 miles in between, couldn't see each other, but had super great fellowship nonetheless.)
Another morning i went to play suffleboard with friends here in the park. We have 16 courts, and 9 of them were being used! Some of the centres are eliminating their shuffle board courts, but Pueblo just redid theirs, so come on over and play!
The construction is coming right along. The siding is on now, and will be painted Monday or so. The drywaller is expected Monday morning, as well, and since that is a two step project, hopefully that will be done by Tuesday night. If all goes as planned, then the rest of the floor would go down Wednesday, with the deck being next in line. We will wait until Monday before we call our painter for the bedroom.
Now i need to run along, so until next time, i love you.


  1. Hi-i love reading your posts, they are always so cheery...i've tried commenting before and it hasn't worked, so here goes again! Life in Linden is much the same, Amber is down with a cold and cough now, Jenna just got over her herpes virus (cold sore), that was a bad one, but she's up and running again :) Life seems to move along at a fast pace whether we get much accomplished or not! Our weather has been strange for this time of year, but we have had a good snowstorm or two in between!! Hi Aunt Nellie! :) take care... Anne

  2. Hi, Anne...thanks for commenting. i guess i should let you know too, when i read your diary on Jenna. i do read it every time you post. i think Mom has talked to Rusty about painting my room - it might be ready as soon as end of this week. i can my bed in before he paints. it's cool to have family down here, and now it sounds like Rusty's sister and hubby might be moving (Andrew and Jenny Jantz) here too. Thanks again and say hi to the family from both of us!