Friday, March 9, 2012

march 9th

Mom and i left El Mirage Wednesday around 11:30 a.m. after i finished with my 'make & take' class at the fun craft. We are making purses/beach bags/book bags or what-ever-you-want-bags from plastic shopping bags. Yep, the kind you get from Walmart or Safeways or almost any other store these days. Most of the women are crocheting theirs, but i crocheted Karen a beach bags a few years ago. Also, with Mom teaching the girls to knit, i figured i should be knitting as well. It is really surprising how much i actually remembered from when Mom taught me to knit years ago. Of course, knitting with plastic bags (yarn) is very different than knitting with conventional yarn.
We stopped at the library to pick up a bunch of books i had put on hold (including home front, by Kris ten Hannah, which i hopefully will get read and reviewed this weekend) and headed out to Yuma. The carpenters were actually at our house at shortly after 8 in the morning, and before we left at noon the carpets were all torn out! We found Greg & Esther's favorite restaurant in Gila Bend (Sofia's Mexican Restaurant) for lunch, stopped at Dateland for milkshakes and got to Bill Eitzens' in Yuma around 4. After a lovely visit there, we checked in at our motel and went to Dean's for supper. Got back to the motel around 8:15 and crashed for the night. Thursday was spent visiting a few places. Went to KFC Buffet with Donna and met Oliphia...a lovely spanish speaking woman, would have loved having her as a close friend and she could teach me spanish while i taught her english!
Coming back today, we had breakfast at the Donut Corral with a tableful of Northern Albertans, stopped at Bennie's to see Sharilee and the boys, then on off home. Had lunch at Dateland, as well as our milkshakes. Then at Gila Bend, instead of heading north to I-10 we went east to Maricopa. What a lovely ride through the Sonoran Desert. Had never been there, but would love to go again. As we got home, the carpenters were just putting the finishing touches on the floor! They moved the heavy furniture in, and actually cleaned up before heading out for the weekend! They plan to be back here Monday morning by 9 to work on the addition! New floor - it's awesome!

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