Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19 -

Good morning! The sun is shining brightly on our side of the clouds after a weekend of wind, stormy clouds, rain and even a bit of hail here in El Mirage, in the Valley of the Sun! We're in the middle of construction (stretching my bedroom and the shed) and though the rooms are basically enclosed, there is one spot in my bedroom where the water found entrance.
Although i see a few clouds, over all, the air feels washed, and the trees and so on look clean. It feels like Spring! With a week and a half of construction going on here, Mom and i have decided to lay low. We did go out with friends to Cracker Barrel for lunch (we're all farmers, there, so to us it was dinner) and had their scrumptious special of Homestyle Chicken. No calories if shared, (Mom and i do) or out with friends, right?
Not sure how today will go...if Mom is rested up enough, we might go see what kind of curtains she wants in the living room. Of course, i suppose next will be furniture? New floors, painted walls, new know how it goes, i'm sure!
Mom had thought she would like verticals, but i want her to think curtains - and then she can decide which she wants. Other than that, i'm into knitting...not fancy like Mom, but who knows, i'm almost tempted to do something like a lap robe, or perhaps a simple prayer shawl. So many ideas, so little time.
It feels like spring...did i say that already? Anyways, it's got my juices flowing so we'll see what comes of it. Have an awesome day! Thanks for visiting.

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